Thursday, December 9, 2010

The big turkey controversy

Recently there has been a lot of talk about how dogs should not eat turkey, I even heard it at the vets the other day.  Curious, I did a great deal of looking around.  What I have discovered is that the problem is not the turkey but the trimmings so to speak.  Often the dogs that have issues are the ones that have a regular diet of commercial dog food, who's owner decides to give them a treat for the Holidays.  Well, turkey with gravy and maybe some skin is enough to send anyone who eats dry food all the time into an intestinal war zone.  Dogs can eat turkey.  If you regularly feed them dry dog food, leave it at a few pieces of just the white meat.  My guys will eat it all because they are accustom to a widely varied diet of cooked and raw.  

Having got two turkeys at the grocery store yesterday for a quarter of the regular price; I cooked them both today. I barbequed up the liver early this morning and got the turkeys into the oven. The dogs had liver this morning and a huge turkey dinner tonight.

After cooling the turkey I picked the meat off both and prepared their dinner. They had brown basmati rice, yellow pepper, chopped dried cranberries, turkey and liver, ground egg shell and probiotic powder. As you can see from the image above; they were more than anxiously awaiting their turkey dinner.

I was surprised and very happy to see Luke so into turkey. Often I will give Luke and the girls an appetizer to get (Luke) them prepared for dinner. Often if Luke has a few bites before dinner he will actually eat better. He ate all of his dinner but a few pieces of pepper and a tiny bit of rice.

The big secret with Luke is to mix well; the easier it is to pick out pieces the less chance Luke will eat it all.

Recently I was also asked about Mayonaise for dogs; someone with a sick dogs just needs them to eat. Just like several weeks ago when Luke wouldn't eat anything; I tried everything. Like us when we are sick; whatever goes down, works. Mayo is fine; you have to watch the fat content, fat is the worst culprit for diarrhea so take care when giving high fat foods. Consider where you will be the day after. ;)

Turkey eating myth

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Cook'n just for dogs with "me" is moving. I'm crazy busy right now and I cannot keep up with both blogs so I am merging. I will start blogging about feeding and nutrition over at my original blog

I hope you come over and follow all the dog talk over there. See ya soon. ;)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wow; it's been a while

Wow; I have been busy. How has a month and a half gone by so quickly; well let's just say that I have alot of my plate ;)

The dogs have had a huge variety of food lately. This morning was sardines............mmmmmmmmmmmmm you know how I feel about those slimy suckers. And then tonight they had Rock Cod which I'd never even heard of. I found it at the bottom of the big freezer when I was looking for some ribs I'd lost. It sure smelled good and they seemed to like it; even Mr. Fussy pants. I added a bit of Quinoa, some chopped arugula, egg shell, flaxseed oil and some crushed peas.

Now if that's not a good dinner; I don't know what is. I've been cooking up a storm lately; so I'll have alot of food out in front of me, nice. The dogs have also been eating quite a bit of raw; tomorrow will be the missing bones I found in the freezer today.

Don't be afraid to experiment as far as your dogs likes and dislikes; you'll never know if you don't try. ;)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's for breakfast?

Well; this morning it was chicken, liver, wild rice, apple, carrots, and flaxseed oil. I warmed the chicken; this makes it much more appealing for all. Afterall everyone enjoys a nice warm meal right? I know I do. So breakfast was a hit with the girls; as is typically the case. Luke on the other hand had already displayed his "I'm not eating" body language. He likes to go outside and wait to be called in; then he has to be tempted to eat or you have to toss his food around to get the prey drive going in him. I knew that he would want this breakfast; he loves liver. So I gave him a few pokes and away he went.

Yesterday Luke had two whole silk balls; wonderful. I us Betty Lewis' recipe but omit the eggs. And believe it or not I do think that he has a tiny bit of sponge on those ribs of his. We've really been rolling; he is getting lots of treats first thing in the morning. Sharp cheddar seems to be a big favorite in bed with Mom and Dad first thing; and then of course he loves his buttered toast. It is work but we are seeing the smallest bit of progress; and progress is progress right?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

its been a while

Gosh I haven't blogged on here for a while. Not much new in the way of "food." We did have a good bone teeth cleaning a while back and will have another this week. The little one Jessie has teeth that go far back and there is no way that I can get to them; so that's a bones job. I got great meaty rib bones for the job and not only do they clean teeth but they are just about a whole meal. At least for the small gal Jessie they are.

I'm planning on making some cookies for the dogs this week; going to try some new recipes and tweak them up for my liking. I'd like to give Biscotti a try; although Liver Biscotti are a bigtime fav around here they are expensive. So I'll give that a try and let you know how it goes.

If anyone out there has any really great cookie recipes for dogs; pass them on and we can do a taste test and review on them.

Have a great week ahead all.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yesterday I bought some Tilapia for the dogs. It cost just under 5.00 to feed my three guys. Tilapia is a fish; and although I have not eaten it myself (not a big fish fan) it smells great when I make it for the dogs. I has an almost fresh sweet smell to it and I have never found it to have a smelly fish scent. It is one of the fish that Luke will eat; he doesn't love it but he'll chow it down. Here is a link for everything you ever wanted to know about Tilapia and more.

This morning I cooked it in the oven in tinfoil. I cut up shredded carrots; brocolli, a small bit of left over rice and wheat grass. The girls ate it with gusto; Luke not so much. I then added some butter and a mouthful of leftover meatloaf to his bowl; so he ate. As you know I like to switch it up for the pooches; but Luke is definitely a beef boy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

raw'n easy

I've been crazy busy today and wanted something quick and easy for the hounds. I scored bigtime when I stopped in at the grocers and got round steak for 1.77/lb. Sweet. That is a great deal and four whopp'n sized pieces was only 18.00. I decided to give them a nice big meal tonight; Luke wasn't big on his turkey this morning. So I cut up the beef; added some flax and some egg shell and sat down to feed.

I wasn't sure how well Tilley would do with her Vestibular issue but she did great. I always like to use feeding time as a training time so that the dogs work for their food. As you can see the first exercise was "leave it" which even amazes me when they succeed this well. Then it is manner time; no grabbing, no fighting, the occasional sit or down and then it's gone.

Quick easy and as healthy as it gets.